Why You Shouldn’t Leave Wedding Photography Last

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Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Getting married soon? Not sure when to start looking for a wedding photographer? To be honest, there’s no right and wrong time to start looking. However, there are a few things you need to bear in mind before prioritising your wedding tasks. When it comes to wedding photography, some people prefer booking a photographer years in advance and some prefer to book months before. Over the years we have come across many couples, some who value photography and some who simply don’t think it’s a big deal. Below are a few reasons as to why you might not want to leave wedding photography to the last minute.

1. Photographers Work On A First Come First Serve Basis

Like any other wedding related service, most wedding photographers usually work on a first come first serve basis. What you need to bear mind is there are 50 weekends roughly in a year and most weddings happen on a weekend. On average some photographers have a number of how many weddings they can shoot each month, some may shoot 5 a month and some may shoot 20 a month, this all depends on the photographer’s lifestyle and hours of work. If you have a particular photographer in mind then contact them as soon as possible before its too late.

2. You Will Be Stressed If  You Leave It Too Late

Planning a wedding alone can be stressful. If you are someone that doesn’t like stress or can’t cope well with stress then yes, you need to plan things in advance.  Besides booking a wedding venue, find the right dress, shoes etc, wedding photography should also be high on the priority list (If you love pictures).

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