Black and White Wedding Photography

Black and white Wedding Photography has been around for many years. Many decades ago a man named Thomas Edison came up with a way to capture dark and light images on film. Of course those images were not exact and could not yet capture colour. With every other invention scientists worked and worked to improve photography and how light was captured, so that soon colour could be transferred on that film rather than just dark and light images.

For many, this style of wedding photography became a thing of the past as they saw full colour photos that were very real and lifelike. Today, cameras can capture and transfer literally thousands upon thousands of different shades and hues of colours. Of course, digital and high definition video has improved this venue even more. So why with lifelike images so readily available would any bride want to opt for black and white wedding photography for her big day?

Wedding Photography

One Thing To Consider

There are a few reasons to consider. If you don’t have the clearest skin or have some lines and wrinkles (who doesn’t have these things?) You may not want photos that are quite so lifelike! Even without black and white photography many brides pay to have their photographer touch up their photographs. This is sometimes done to remove some imperfections on the faces of all their subjects. Photographs with 2 types of colours are more forgiving than coloured photographs. It doesn’t pick up as many of the details on one’s face and can naturally smooth skin and erase those tiny lines and other flaws. This isn’t the only reason many brides choose these types of photos.

Traditional Wedding Photography

A bride is always advised to choose elements for her wedding that will be timeless. You may look at a wedding photograph and immediately know the exact year of the wedding. What’s fashionable today may seem tacky tomorrow. However, black and white wedding photography seems to give an air of timelessness to weddings. It’s as if it’s recalling a more romantic age. For many, wedding photography is romantic, especially in black and white. Sometimes this style adds an air of elegance to even the most casual of weddings.

Black and White Wedding Photography
Black and White Wedding Photography

Black and White Wedding Photography Package

Many brides usually have ideas of the photos required before choosing a wedding photography package. Today, pictures are developed on computers rather than from actual film. This means photos can easily go from one to the other without being ruined. So when talking to your photographer or if you’re taking the photos, add some of these shots.

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